Ellen Bass Reading “Ode to Repetition” on PBS News Hour Poetry Series

Philip Levine, Pulitzer Prize winner and Poet Laureate from 2011-2012, reads and discusses with Paul Muldoon “What Did I Love” by Ellen Bass on the poetry podcast by The New Yorker: https://soundcloud.com/newyorker/the-poetry-podcast-philip.

“There is such a sense of ritual about [‘What Did I Love’]. And such a clarity of purpose. . . . I was just—what’s the word—envious of this poem. . . . She is poet of terrific power.”—Philip Levine

Garrison Keillor Reading “Deceiving the Gods” on The Writer’s Almanac

Garrison Keillor Reading “French Chocolates”

Garrison Keillor Reading “Gate C22″

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Ellen Bass Reading “The Orange-and-White High-Heeled Shoes” as in The New Yorker

Ellen Reading “Relax” from Like a Beggar

Ellen Reading “Saturn’s Rings” from Like a Beggar

Ellen Reading “The Morning After” from Like a Beggar

Ellen Reading “What Did I Love” from Like a Beggar

Ellen’s Keynote Address at the San Miguel de Allende Writer’s Conference (edited for time)